Two Pale Figures - Honey IPA - 473mL

Two Pale Figures - Honey IPA - 473mL

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With label artwork by Peterborough-based visual artist DieConfused, TWO PALE FIGURES is truly a synesthesic fusion of art, beer, music, taste, and memory.

The beer itself is inspired by a honey IPA we enjoyed in Burlington, Vermont - a natural pairing of the same sweet honey malt we use in our signature HOME SWEET HOME, with the vibrant hop-and-haze of a New England IPA. To evoke that ever-present artistry of Vermont (and Vermont’s seemingly ubiquitous ‘80s and ‘90s soundtrack), there is no better artist than DieConfused, AKA Sas Mueller (they/them). Working in bright abstracts, they drew inspiration from the Cure’s 1981 track “The Funeral Party,” which gives their painting (and this beer) its name: “Two pale figures ache in silence, timeless in the quiet ground.”

Hopped generously with Idaho 7 and Simcoe hops, TWO PALE FIGURES balances a honey cereal sweetness with bright citrus, similar to a candied orange peel.

6.8% ABV.

Find more of Sas’s artwork on Instagram at @dieconfused.