Do you serve beer at the brewery?

Yes! We serve draught beer in 12oz and 5oz pours, and have seating available for you to comfortably sit and stay for a drink. 

Do you do tours?

Yes we do! Ask any staff member and time permitting, they will be happy to show you around!

How do I place an order for pickup at the brewery?

Right here on this website! Go to “SHOP,” browse our selection of products, add the ones you’d like to your cart, and when you’re done, click “CHECKOUT.” Now, it’s going to ask you for a shipping address before you have the chance to indicate whether you’d prefer pickup or delivery. This causes confusion, we get it - this is just how Shopify’s platform is laid out. Please put in an address (just use your billing address) and click to the next step - you’ll then be able to select “Brewery Pick-Up” as your delivery option. Finish with your payment, et voila! You’ve just placed an order for pickup. Watch your e-mails - you’ll receive an e-mail when your order is ready to pickup (it will usually be ready within an hour during our business hours.)

Can I have my bachelor(ette)/wedding shower/birthday/retirement party (or any other event) at the brewery?

Yes! Probably! Take a look at our events page for more information.

I see sediment in my bottle/can.  Is it okay to drink?

Our beer is generally unfiltered, so sediment is entirely natural and no cause for alarm. It is absolutely okay to drink. If you would prefer not to, keep the beer refrigerated and store upright, and the sediment will settle to the bottom of the bottle and will stay there with a slow, steady pour. For our heavily hopped beers, we encourage you to gently shake the can before pouring so that any of the delicious hop matter that may have settled will once again be completely combined.

How long does your beer stay fresh and what is the best way to store them?

Most of our beer is best enjoyed fresh - especially heavily hopped IPAs or beers with fruit or other added ingredients. Of course, some of our beers are perfect for aging, as well - as a general rule, higher alcohol beers are better for aging. If you do choose to age beer, keep in a cool, dark place. As most of our beer is unpasteurized and unfiltered, storing it at a cooler temperature will preserve freshness.  

Do you accept requests for donations?

Due to the large quantity of requests, we do not.  We have a finite budget for charitable support, which we allocate very carefully to causes that are near and dear to us and our community.

Do you take back empties? 

No. Empty bottles can be returned to the Beer Store for $0.20. Cans can be returned to the Beer Store for $0.10.

Why are you called “5 Paddles”?

Accounts vary. One story points to the fact that mash paddles are used in the brewing process, to stir the grains. Because our brewery had five founders, and each had their own mash paddle, we called it “5 Paddles.” Others speculate that four of the paddles symbolize the core ingredients to beer - grain, hops, water, and yeast - with the fifth indicating the secret ingredient: hard work. Another theory contends that it has nothing to do with mash paddles, but instead refers to canoeing, with four of the paddles indicating the cardinal directions, and the fifth being a testament to our tendency to go the direction untraveled. It is entirely possible that any, or none, of these stories are true.

When will you make <insert my favourite beer here> again?

We’ve made a lot of different beer, and it’s really rad and flattering that each one seems to be somebody’s favourite. But simply put, we’ve made so many beers that if we focused on replaying the classics, we’d have no time to make new stuff, and trying new things is one of our guiding principles. That being said, we never say never.